Celebrating a Century of Scholastic Journalism Education

JEA Centennial

Celebrating a Century of Scholastic Journalism Education

JEA Centennial

Celebrating a Century of Scholastic Journalism Education

JEA Centennial

Our 100 lists of 100: Arizona

Photo by Pixabay / Pexels

Arizona is the Grand Canyon State, and today’s focus.

Our 100 lists of 100

1. AIPA Fall State Journalism Convention at Arizona State University
2. ALMA Conference
3. Spot 127
4. ASU Camp Cronkite
5. AIPA Summer Workshop for students for over 60 years

6. Arizona Interscholastic Press Association
7. Arizona Latino Media Association
8. Arizona Media Association

Local Newspapers
9. The Arizona Republic
10. Arizona Daily Star
11. Phoenix New Times
12. Arizona Daily Sun
13. The Daily Courier
14. Yuma Sun

Collegiate Publications
15. State Press at Arizona State University
16. The Daily Wildcat at the University of Arizona
17. The Lumberjack at Northern Arizona University

Founders of AIPA -Arizona Interscholastic Press Association, Nov. 1949
18. Herman Schweikart
19. Roswell Willard
20. Edmund Lewis
21. G.T. Young

AIPA Hall of Fame – Initiated in 2003 for “legendary” advisers
22. Peggy Gregory – 2018
23. Carmen Wendt – 2007
24. Jim Patten, U of A – 2006
25. John Hoge – 2005
26. Dave Cosgrove, John Baab, John G. Carlton, Al Levin, Charlie Smith – 2004
27. Roswell Willard, Edmund Lewis, G.T. Young, Herman Schweikart, founders – 2003
28. Also, Forest R. Martin, Dr. Bert N. Bostrom, Earl Stinson, Dr. James McDonald Coffroth, Freeman B. Hover, Dorothy C. White, Dr. Tom A. Erhard, George Ridge, Dr. Joseph Milner, ASU – 2003, the first year of the award to honor many past greats

Yearly AIPA Experienced Adviser Award – Forest Martin Award
29. Mike Walker, Verrado High School

Yearly AIPA New Adviser Award – Freeman Hover Award
30. James King, Sunnyslope High School

Heroes of Scholastic Journalism
31. Freeman Hover
32. Forrest Martin
33. Peggy Gregory
34. Dave Cosgrove

H.L. Hall Yearbook Advisers of the Year
35. Michele Coro, Year 2013
36. Jason Davis, Apache Junction High School, special recognition, 2023
37. Margie DiCesare, Corona del Sol High School, special recognition, 2012

38. Walter Cronkite School of Journalism & Mass Communication at Arizona State University

Local Committee Chairs
39. 2002 – Tony Gomez and Peggy Gregory
40. 2009 – Peggy Gregory & Christine Brandell

NSPA Pacemaker 100 List
41. CS Press, Cactus Shadows High School, Cave Creek
42. Crusader, Salpointe Catholic High School, Tucson

NSPA Hall of Fame
43. Demon Dispatch, Greenway High School, Glendale
44. Trumpeteer, Catalina High School, Tucson
45. The Crusader, Salpointe Catholic High School, Tucson
46. Horizons, Salpointe Catholic High School, Tucson
47. Prism, Green Fields Country Day School, Tucson
48. Reflections, Salpointe Catholic High School, Tucson

NSPA Pioneer Award
49. Peggy Gregory
50. David Cosgrove

JEA Aspiring Young Journalist Award
51. Tiffany Hutcheson, Cactus Canyon Junior High School, Apache Junction
52. Ragan Stoltz, Cactus Canyon Junior High School, Apache Junction

JEA Lifetime Achievement Award
53. Michelle Coro, 2023
54. Mary Luckenbill, 2013
55. Jill Farkas, 2012
56. Yvonne Johnson, 2012
57. David Cosgrove, 2008
58. Peggy Gregory, 2006
59. Cathie Parks, 2003
60. Carmen Wendt, 2003
61. Freeman Hover, 1988

JEA Medal of Merit
62. Carmen Wendt, 2019
63. Peggy Gregory, 2012
. CSPA James F. Paschal Award
64. Peggy Gregory 2006

Dow Jones Distinguished Adviser
65. Peggy Gregory 2007

Dow Jones Special Recognition Award
66. Peggy Gregory 1992

First Amendment Press Freedom Award
67. Thunderbird High School

68. New Voices led by AIPA President Melanie Allen, 2017
69. New Voices led by Jason Davis 2023

Famous Arizona Journalists
70. Savannah Guthrie, born in Australia, graduated from Amphitheater HS in Tucson & University of Arizona
71. Don Bolles, assassinated for his work covering organized crime
72. Vaughn Hillyard, NBC News Correspondent, Thunderbird High School graduate

Fun Facts
73. First female Supreme Court Justice, Sandra Day O’Connor
74. Only state to have 5 female governors
75. Arizona is the only state to pass MLK holiday by popular vote (1992)
76. Became a state (the 48th) on Valentine’s Day 1912

77. Dave Cosgrove Student Journalist of the Year

Certified Journalism Educators and Mentors
78. JEA Mentors: Peggy Gregory, Melanie Allen, Carmen Wendt
79. JEA CJEs: Jason Davis, Peggy Gregory, Deanne Hutchison, Jennifer Parsons
80. JEA MJEs: Kristy Roschke, Carmen Wendt

Good Eatin’ (and Drinkin’)
81. Carolina’s Mexican Food
82. Pizzeria Bianco
83. Little Miss BBQ
84. Glai Baan
85. Bitter & Twisted
86. Durants
87. Chino Bandito
88. Sonoran Dog
89. Eegee’s
90. Nopales
91. Mi Nidito Tucson
92. El Charro Tucson

93. Hugh Downs long-time AZ resident
94. Home to Arizona Highways – a beautiful magazine enjoyed throughout the world.
95. 22 National Parks in Arizona
96. Arizona Sonoran Desert is the only place in the world where the saguaro cactus grows
97. Home to 22 federally recognized Native Nations
98. The One-Book Bookstore, Bisbee – run by Walter Swan for his book from the ‘70s until his death in 1994
99. Tombstone – Bird Cage Theater, Doc Holliday, Earp brothers, OK Corral
100. Fort Huachuca, Sierra Vista, Cochise County

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